In a life of being deeply interested in music, Kevin has not hob-nobbed with the giants of the music industry. His performances at all the major concert halls of the world can be counted on the finger of one finger. (1)

He is not legendary for his one appearance alongside Lesley Garrett. (2)

The fact that his band Stömp have twice played for ceilidhs in Westminster Hall, the first dancing there since Anne Boleyn’s days, is little known. (3)

As a callow nineteen year old Kev once stood next to the great Peter Knight, Steeleye Span’s fiddle player. In the gents.
 “I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren I once had a pee standing next to the great Peter Knight,” said Kev.
“Yes, even the Queen has to have a s**t some times,” said the great Peter Knight. (4)

He has, none-the-less, played lots of gigs here, there and everywhere, and has written quite a few songs, some of which people quite like. He has even sold copies of his own CDs. He occasionally receives cheques from PRS for amounts like 11.15.

He was renowned as a fairly good fiddle player, who could also knock out a tune on a guitar or mandolin, and devoted endless hours to thinking that if he got down to some serious practice he might have got even better.

Having once been told, via the letters page of Folk Roots Magazine, that he should ‘get out of the back rooms of pubs,’ he can only say that he tried. God knows, he tried.

His last venture before being forced to stop playing (5) was posing on loud electric guitar - in a wheelchair. The band played covers, and in what was probably a contravention of the Trade’s Descriptions Act, they were called… The Essentials!


1 Since you ask: The QEH on the South Bank. OK, so that was in the foyer, but he has played there on two separate occasions.

2 Stocai played at the Henley Festival of Music and the Arts. Ms Garrett was on the main stage with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Stocai were in the beer tent.

3 Actually, the second time Kev missed the gig because he was in hospital and Brian Stone took his place.

4 Luckily, Kev has no grandchildren.

5 We should add, forced to stop by multiple sclerosis, not by a musically discriminating public.  So no sniggering, thank you.

Kev Adams- The Facts!

Kev UKC Radio 1975
Kev on stage 2005
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I am a musician and songwriter, now concentrating on writing and recording since becoming disabled with MS. As well as performing and recording solo, I have spent many years playing traditional music, especially for dancing. I have written music for many community projects and performed much of this in the theatre, in concert and on the radio. I used to play guitar, fiddle and mandolin, but my live music is now confined to singing backing vocals with the Living Archive Band.




Scooting fiddler 2012


From my home studio, StudioBlend,  as well as my own releases, I have produced CDs for the Living Archive Band and for Jenkins’ Ear, Kobold and Dave Jolly. I have recorded incidental music for BBC Radio 4 drama, The Open University and for Crimson Cats Audiobooks.

Though I am now unable to play any stringed instruments I am still writing and recording  with samplers, employing a very limited keyboard technique in combination with the editing and programming power of the PC.

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