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Fifteen tracks: seven arrangements of traditional songs collected by Cecil Sharp, Fred Hamer and Ralph Vaughan Williams; a song each by Paul Clark, Rod Hall, Brian Wilson (yes, that one) and myself, plus a comedy song from a 1930's Britsh film; and three tunes.

You can stream the tracks directly from here, and download individual tracks or the whole album from my Bandcamp shop, where you will also find lyrics and more info about the songs.

The whole project is a further mining out of demos and half finished songs from 'the old days' when I could play, and I couldn't have completed it without the help of my friend Dave Makins. Dave not only patiently recreated my guitar, mandolin and mandola parts where the audio quality was not good enough, but he added extra instrumentation where I wanted it.

The title comes from my cover of a beautiful Brian Wilson song which expresses the way I try to deal with the consequences of living with poor health.

Leaf On A Windy Day


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