Waiting for the Word (2006)
A collection mainly of traditional songs.
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The Common Land (2002)
My songs from: the plays Worker By Name, Bigger, Brighter, Better, Days of Pride and All Change; from the Maids Moreton Millennium Pageant Moreton Made; and from the radio programme The Works.
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CD Review:
The Common Land
Kevin Adams

Based in Milton Keynes, Kevin Adams is a songwriter of rare quality. This collection, written between 1992 and 2000, mainly for theatre and radio productions, shows him to be a fine multi-instrumentalist, arranger, sound engineer and producer as well!

The songs mainly have a traditional feel, with an eye to the history that really matters - the experiences, good or bad, of real people, and Kevin does it so well. My own favourite, Little by Little, is a beautifully written song of hardship, shame and a hint of hope, that reminded me of Eric Bogle at his best. Another gem, Settling In, and the Chas & Dave style What Do They Think We Are? refer to Londoners relocated to Bletchley. From the Iron Age Man on the Hill, through railways and canals, to the Hello and OK society of today, Kevin covers a lot of ground.

One or two songs are a little over-orchestrated for my taste, but this is a minor gripe. The truth is, I couldn’t find anything else to criticise.

Mike Blair
Unicorn Magazine


Sheltermore  (2015)
13 tracks: traditional  songs and self-penned numbers.
Format: Download

Winternight  (2017)
Three track EP.
Format: Download

Shining  (2017)
9 tracks: Close to the prog!
Format: Download



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