An e-ceilidh dance band based on a rhythm section of electric guitar, bass & drums, topped by concertina, flute, fiddle and mandolin.


I Claim My Five Pounds
“It’s bloody good actually!” Andy Kershaw BBC RADIO 3
“Cracking stuff!”  Mike Harding BBC FOLK ON 2
“Fourteen tracks of fun, elegance and surprise after surprise.” Fiona Talkington  RADIO 3’s Late Junction
Formats: download  CD



Machine Without Horses
“consistently energetic, danceable and fun”...DIRTY LINEN MAGAZINE
“...brings the same kind of excitement as early performances by the Albion Country Band” SONGLINES
Formats: download  CD

Stömp Acoustic (EP)
Four tracks demonstrating the unplugged version of the band.
Format: download

Stomp on Bandcamp
Stomp on Bandcamp
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