Future Learn

A friend recommended the online learning resource Future Learn to me.

Since my disability keeps me at home and sedentary more than I would like, this is proving to be a great boon. I have discovered the wide world of MOOCs. Massive Open Online Courses.
What has surprised me is that I am getting as much out of  the online discussion as I am from the the well designed course content. I have to wait for the world to come to me these days, and the world certainly does come to the seminar room!

Have a look, there are courses in all sorts of subjects, given by universities from all around the world. Having said that, my first MOOC adventure was a short course on reading and interpreting music scores which was provided by the Open University, situated not ten miles from where I live. But tomorrow I start a course in creative coding from Monash University in Melbourne.

From Notation to Performance: Understanding Musical Scores
Creative Coding

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