Here’s a song which is some years old but only recently mixed. It grew out of a hallucinatory experience I had one night while lying in a hospital bed not feeling all that well really.

The picture is part of  A Cornfield by Moonlight with the Evening Star by Samuel Palmer an artist who was influenced by William Blake.


Shining, shining,
Out of the darkness divine,
It is benign-
Then wherefore this deep fear of mine?
It is benign.

Holding, holding,
Wrapped in the future untold,
It will unfold-
Then wherefore this shiver of cold?
It will unfold.

Days without ending must end,
Time is the coin we must spend,
None to put by, none to lend,
Now will be never again.

Praying, praying,
Out of the doubt and delay,
It is today-
Then wherefore the tears on the way?
It is today.

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