RollerMouse Red

Last year I began to find increasing difficulty in using a conventional mouse with my PC. My hands have stiffened up and I have lost a lot of fine motor control and sensation in my fingers.

I can demonstarte this y leavinf gthis line of type uncorredcted 🙂

I could move the cursor to where I needed it, though if the target area was small this was not so easy. But the real trouble began when I tried to click. The movement of my forefinger would make the cursor jump. I’d either click blank space or something else I hadn’t wanted to click. Deeply frustrating, as you can imagine, particularly when I was trying to edit audio.

So I began to investigate alternatives to mice. I first tried a vertical mouse, but the same problem occured. I then asked for advice on various forums. The most helpful replies came from the readers of Sound On Sound magazine, and it was from here, at the suggestion of the magazine’s own Hugh Robjohns, that I found the solution to my problem. It is…

RollerMouse Red

No, not some colourful childrens’ cartoon character. Here it is, seen from above…

rollermouseDesigned to correct postural and RSI issues, it is a beautifully engineered piece of kit. It sits in front of your keyboard so that your hands remain directly in front of you. The cursor is moved by a sleeve around a shaft (the black bit at the top in the pic); roll forward and back for up and down, slide left and right to- well you’ve got it. Pressing gently down on this makes a click. However, from my point of view the best thing is that there is also a left -click button, so I can place the cursor with the roller bar, remove my hand from the bar so that the cursor is not going anywhere, and click with the button. Saved!

There is also a right-click button and, another boon for me, a double-click one. Add in copy and paste buttons and a central, chunky scroll wheel, and I’m flying again.

The down side of all this is that it comes at a price. Roughly £250. Yep- gulp! You can have one on a fortnight’s trial, though you do have to pay up front. I don’t know how easy the refund system works if you decide it’s not for you, because I fell in love with mine, can’t you tell?

The latest development in my RollerMouse Red story is the very best bit. After ten months solid use I found that the left-click button began to stick, annoyingly. Bitterly disappointed and frustrated by this (you expect better at that price)  I emailed their support, expecting the usual ‘we’ve had your money and now we’ve washed our hands of you’ tussle. Not so. The very next day I had a reply saying that they were sending me a replacement, and would I kindly return the defective one. And they were true to their word. No questions, no prevarication, no extra cost, just top notch customer service. So, a round of applause to  Contour and the RollerMouseRed!

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