The Cat Club de Purr-ee

StudioBlend is proud to announce the new single from the Cat Club de Purr-ee.
Entitled Calling All Rabbits, it is a toe-tapping, tail-wagging piece of Tabby-Jazzfolk.

The Cat Club de Purr-ee  ( l-r: Ringo, Bingo, Yehudi, Bassman)

Ringo, Bingo, Bassman & Yehudi went into the studio last month to record the tune, which was written by StudioBlend’s very own Kevin Adams, and are very pleased with the result.
“We all feel like the cats who got the cream,” says Bingo. “Kevin is such a great writer, and as soon as we heard his demo we knew we had to do it.”
“That’s him on mandolin, by the way,” adds Yehudi. “I could have played that myself, but his original was so hot we had to keep it.”

Of course  we had to ask, why Calling All Rabbits? This is what Kev told us…

The Cat Club de Purr-ee, Bingo, Ringo, Bassman and Yehudi and their road manager Rugby the Dog were sitting in a pub one afternoon. They had arrived too early to get into the venue for that night’s gig and had taken the chance to down a few beers. They were bored and tetchy. Rugby had insisted that they leave early to beat the traffic, running up and down with the van keys in his mouth exclaiming, “ Go! Go-go! Gig!!” The Cat Club reckoned that they could have had another hour at least at home, curled up in their various favourite armchairs. But instead, here they were, drinking overpriced flat cream stout, with Baileys chasers.

To lighten the mood, Bingo suddenly announced that he could get one hundred rabbits on a matchbox. Rugby and Ringo immediately pricked up their ears, the former because he loves chasing rabbits, the latter because he not only chases them but often catches the younger, stupid ones. He brings them home and eats them, leaving only the paws and ears for the staff (aka me) to clear up.

Bassman and Yehudi were sceptical. How could Bingo get one hundred rabbits on a matchbox? Impossible! Where would he get one hundred bunnies? More to the point, how would he fit them all on a tiny matchbox?? And, most pertinently, where, in these non-smoking days, would he get a matchbox???

“Aha!” said Bingo, producing a box of England’s Glory with a flourish.

“I came prepared. Watch, and be amazed…”

He drew a match from the box. He closed the box. He inserted the match into the end of the box so that it stuck out, rather like an aerial from a walkie-talkie. Cupping the box to his mouth, rather as though using a walkie-talkie, he intoned,

“Calling all rabbits! Calling all rabbits!”

The other three cats laughed and groaned in equal proportions. Rugby sat looking at the door, eagerly and expectantly.

Ok, you probably had to be there. But afterwards, when they had told me of this, I wrote them a tune called ‘Calling All Rabbits’ and I was delighted when they worked out an arrangement of it and asked me to record them.

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