A song lyric written for my friends Dorien and Ros. Dor had the title and the idea: based on a (fictitious) university romance as viewed from thirty years. I added Cambridge and Dorien’s own mathematical studies into it.



We sit on a camomile lawn
And drink freshly made jasmine tea.
Theorems and constructs are born-
Indivisible numbers like “Just you and me.”

Skipping our seminars,
We jump in a punt.
We slide down the Backs,
I put on a front.

You said you were ‘gauchiste
While I was just gauche.
You said I was ‘classless’,
I said you were ‘posh’

And later, an old bumpy sofa,
With freshly made camomile tea.
Sandalwood incense, a breeze through the casement,
The soundtrack – Led Zeppelin Three.

We sit close together.
While you read your Malarmé
I study my Russell
And dream of infinity.

Parallel lines
They tend to infinity-
That’s where I’m going, love,
Will you come with me?

Look back down these twenty nine years
Which once seemed an eternity
The world is still full of ideas
Indivisible numbers
Like “Just you and me.”

Let’s slip down to Venice,
Step into a gondola,
Just holding hands
We’ll reminisce fondly-

Parallel lives
They tend to infinity-
Wherever I’ve been my love,
You’ve been there with me.

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