A Harrier

A song dedicated to the beautiful North Norfolk coast and to bird watchers everywhere. Ruth and I knocked this up one holiday. The inspiration was the sight of a horse staring over the fence as we drove along; he was obviously counting the cars on the North Norfolk coast road. With apologies to Paul Simon.



Give us a cuddle, we’ll have our packed lunches together.

I’ve got some Nescafe here in my flask.

So we bought a pack of Wagon Wheels,

And Mr Kipling’s Cakes,

And walked off to look for a harrier.


“Cathy”, I said as we boarded the Hopper in Titchwell,

“Hunstanton seems like a dream to me now.”

It took me three days to hitchhike from Sheringham,

I’ve come to look for a harrier.


Laughing on the bus, playing games with the faces-

She said the man in the camouflage hat was a twit.

I said, ‘Be careful, have you seen the size of his camera?’


Toss me a Jaffa Cake, I think there’s one in my knapsack.

‘You ate the last one an hour ago’.

So I looked at some Garganey,

She claimed Temmink’s Stint,

And the geese grazed out in an open field.


“Cathy I’m lost”, I said, though I knew she was knitting.

“I’m empty inside, I could fancy a pie.”

Counting the cars on the North Norfolk Coast Road

They’ve all come to look for a harrier.

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