House Keeping

For the past five years I’ve been running both a website and a blog. Silly.

The purpose of the website (born 2004) was to advertise my violin repair activities (redundant) and musical ventures.

My blog, ‘StudioBlend‘, (born 2014) was to be a common-place book for my various noodlings.

I found myself duplicating information about music on both sites. Well, d’oh! WordPress (this platform) can just as easily make a full-on website as a blog, or a combination of both. So here we are then.

My website domain now points blogwards.


2 thoughts on “House Keeping

  1. Kevin Adams August 1, 2019 / 1:48 pm

    Thanks May! More coming soon including some music you might be interested in.
    PS found out how to follow your blog- just me being stupid before.

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