New Living Archive Band CD

A Bob A Bloody Day

The First World War as experienced by men and women of Wolverton and New Bradwell.
Fifteen songs written for various projects, all gathered together in one sweeping depiction of the journey from the euphoric early days, through the dreadful realities of mechanised warfare, to the sorrowful, reflective aftermath.

Available as a CD or download


House Keeping

For the past five years I’ve been running both a website and a blog. Silly.

The purpose of the website (born 2004) was to advertise my violin repair activities (redundant) and musical ventures.

My blog, ‘StudioBlend‘, (born 2014) was to be a common-place book for my various noodlings.

I found myself duplicating information about music on both sites. Well, d’oh! WordPress (this platform) can just as easily make a full-on website as a blog, or a combination of both. So here we are then.

My website domain now points blogwards.


Remap – a charity for the disabled


I have recently received some invaluable assistance from the Remap charity, and I’d like to thank them here and, hopefully, help to raise awareness of their existence and purpose. This should be of interest to anyone who is disabled, caring for a disabled person or perhaps knows one.

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